Clean Indoor Air Is Vital for Infection Control

"We expect everywhere in the world to have clean water flowing from our taps...but bacteria and viruses can circulate freely in the air, and no one thinks about this, whatsoever, apart from healthcare facilities."
—Lidia Morawska, PhD, Queensland University of Technology's International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health

by Marcia Frellick, Medscape

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists say it's time to rate indoor air quality and clean it to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses.

Health workers already know that indoor air quality can be as important to human health as clean water and uncontaminated food. But before the COVID-19 pandemic, its importance in the prevention of respiratory illnesses outside of health circles was only whispered about.

Now, a team of nearly 40 scientists from 14 countries is calling for "a paradigm shift," so that improvements in indoor air quality are viewed as essential to curb respiratory infections.

Most countries do not have indoor air-quality standards, the scientists point out in their recent report, and those that do often fall short in scope and enforcement. Read More

Source: Medscape

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