SunRADON to Focus on Indoor Air Quality & Avoidance of Radon-induced Lung Cancer

April 14, 2020

Sun Nuclear Corporation’s Radon Business Unit is now SunRADON LLC

Melbourne, FL: Radon Detection industry veterans Jeff Simon, CEO of Sun Nuclear Corporation, and Dr. Kai Wundke, CEO of SunRADON, announce the launch of SunRADON LLC. The company provides leading Radon Detection and Indoor Air Quality monitoring products.

“Our mission is to reduce the number of cases of Radon-induced lung cancer worldwide. To do that, we aim to provide the most reliable, innovative, and easy to use products to accurately measure Radon,” says Dr. Kai Wundke.

In 1985, Sun Nuclear President Bill Simon developed the world’s first digital, affordable and reusable Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM). In the 35 years since, Sun Nuclear has established itself as the global leader in CRM products for radon testing professionals, selling thousands of systems annually. During this time the company also applied its radiation detection expertise to the medical device industry, becoming the worldwide market leader in systems for Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance. In 2017, Dr. Wundke assumed global responsibility for the radon business at Sun Nuclear and began development of a series of new products and services to lead the business into the future.

“The radon business represents Sun Nuclear’s roots and how we got our start. We could not have branched into medical devices without the radon business, and we’ll always be grateful for and have a tight connection with SunRADON,” says Bill Simon.

“This is an exciting time,” adds Jeff Simon, “by establishing SunRADON with dedicated focus and leadership, customers will be better served. The market we established over 35 years ago will advance with the next generation of innovative products and services.”

SunRADON products include Model 1028 XP™ and Model 1030™ Continuous Radon Monitor, and OneRADON™ testing software.

Dr. Wundke adds, “The new focus has already produced results. We have a series of product releases this year that will further establish SunRADON as the leader in world-class radon detection products and services for professionals and homeowners alike. Stay tuned.”