EPA and Partners Make Progress on the National Radon Action Plan

CDC is proud to be a partner in this nationwide effort to promote radon awareness, testing and mitigation, including radon outreach activities in cancer control programs." —Patrick Breysse, PhD, CIH, Director of the National Center for Environmental Health, CDC

EPA and partners are reducing radon risk via the NRAP

EPA and their partners are making strides towards reducing the risks of radon, preventing nearly 2,000 radon-caused cancer deaths every year, in a new report “Reflections on the National Radon Action Plan’s (NRAP) Progress, 2015-2020.”

The NRAP was launched in 2015 as a public-private partnership among 14 organizations representing the Federal government, industry and non-profit sectors, and spearheaded by EPA and the American Lung Association in collaboration with 12 other federal and national organizations (including American Society of Home Inspectors) with a shared goal of preventing thousands of deaths every year from radon-induced lung cancer.

“In carrying out the National Radon Action Plan, EPA and its partners have made critical contributions to preventing nearly 2,000 lung cancer deaths every year,” said Joseph Goffman, EPA’s Acting Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation. Learn More

Source: EPA