Sun Nuclear Announces NRSB Approval of SunRADON Model 1028 XP Continuous Radon Monitor

December 11, 2019

SunRADON, a Sun Nuclear company and the leading provider of Continuous Radon Monitors (CRMs) for commercial and residential purposes, today announced the approval of its 1028™ XP Continuous Radon Monitor by the National Radon Safety Board. The 1028 XP, initially released in December 2018, is the latest, next generation CRM Model in Sun Nuclear’s Radon Detection product line.

"We're excited to achieve this important milestone for our most advanced CRM product," said Dr. Kai Wundke, Sun Nuclear’s Sr. Director, SunRADON Business Unit. "The latest approval demonstrates our ongoing commitment to offer our customers the most valuable and versatile CRM on the market. All our professional Continuous Radon Monitors are now dual approved by AARST-NRPP and NRSB!”

The 1028 XP distinguishes itself from other products by its user-oriented design, its full integration with Sun Nuclear’s upcoming release of OneRADON™ Cloud Services, as well as its future proof design enabling LTE upgrades for remote testing.

Both the NRSB and National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) certification programs offer independent certification, accreditation, and approval for radon service providers as well as Radon Measurement Devices including Continuous Radon Monitors. Sun Nuclear’s 1028 XP performed exceptionally well in NRSB’s independent performance testing at Bowser-Morner’s Radon Reference Laboratory, exceeding the performance of previous model generations.

“These excellent results validate our commitment to continuously improve our products and services to serve our customers with exceptional value.” added Dr. Kai Wundke. In addition to Model 1028-XP, Sun Nuclear’s SunRADON Business Unit also offers dually approved Models 1027™, 1028™, and 1030™.