SunRADON officially launches OneRADON Cloud for Radon Professionals

New Cloud-Based Service Improves Efficiency of Radon Level Test and Reporting Process

May 12, 2020 Melbourne, FLSunRADON, a leading provider of Continuous Radon Monitors and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring solutions, announces formal release of OneRADON Cloud. This state-of-the-art, cloud-based service integrates with SunRADON’s Radon and IAQ Monitors. It’s the latest addition to the company’s OneRADON™ Software Suite.

An all-in-one Radon test, analysis, and reporting platform for Desktop, Mobile and now Cloud, the OneRADON Software Suite allows Radon inspectors to improve their business by simplifying the data retrieval and reporting process. Inspectors save time and maximize the utilization of each Radon monitor.

OneRADON Cloud offers Radon professionals innovative features like smart Mobile-to-Cloud data synchronization, which allows for remote device and test status tracking as well as instant report and invoice generation.

“You can think of OneRADON as the fundamental building block of your entire Radon inspection business” explains SunRADON CEO Dr. Kai Wundke, “I am particularly excited about OneRADON™ Cloud as it is the next milestone in our quest to have everything you need to run your Radon inspection business in one place.”

Early adopters have already begun to see benefits, pointing to two other stand-out features for Radon business owners—the cloud’s one-click export function of test summaries for state reporting, and its integrated RMA service portal. “Implementing OneRADON Cloud was smooth and easy on my end. I’ve connected two of my four radon monitors to start and was able to create a calibration request within the app for all four monitors. I thank you,” says Andy Smith, Owner of Ohio Radon Mitigation.

SunRADON also offers the Model 1028™ XP and Model 1030™ Continuous Radon Monitor for professional home and building inspectors. The company’s first consumer-facing product, the lüft™ Plug-in Radon & Indoor Air Quality Monitor is slated for release this summer.

About SunRADON

SunRADON LLC focuses on the avoidance of Radon-induced lung cancer with a specific mission—to advance innovation of affordable, reliable, and robust Radon and Indoor Air Quality Monitors. SunRADON provides Radon Detection and Indoor Air Quality solutions for residential and commercial purposes. For more info, visit or