1028™ XP - LTE Module

Plug and Play. Upgrade your most advanced CRM.

The 1028 XP LTE Upgrade Module:

  • Adds Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Sensors
  • LTE Wireless Connectivity for real time, automatic data reporting*
  • Fully integrated with OneRADON Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud
AT&T Network Ready
* Requires OneRADON Cloud Service Subscription



OneRADON LTE License Plan. View LTE License Chart



Range: 40-105 F
Resolution: 1 F
Uncertainty (1 sigma): 2%
Measurement Units: F or C

Relative Humidity

Range: 10- 95%
Resolution: 1 %
Uncertainty (1 sigma): 2 %
Measurement Units: % (rH)

Barometric Pressure

Range: 80 - 110 kPA
Resolution: 0.01 kPA
Uncertainty (1 sigma): 0.2%
Measurement Units: kPA or inHg


Network: AT&T North America
Wireless Module: 4G LTE-M, Cat 1
Approvals: AT&T Network Ready Device


Battery Life: typical 240h
LTE Disable/Enable:
Automatic Sensor Check:
Automatic Wireless Check:
Status Indicator:
Desktop & Mobile Integration: